The Yemaya Ceremonial Athame

My client asked for a ceremonial Athame that would reflect this energy. She asked that I also include certain stones and materials. Set into the blade is a piece of lapis lazuli. In either side of the handle is a piece of obsidian, and at the end of the handle is a sphere of clear quartz. The faces on either side of the crossguard were hand-carved from stag antler to represent the face of Yemaya. Her mermaid fins and tail are represented in the detail of the handle, which is also mirrored in the scabbard. The scabbard is pierced all the way through to allow the laps lazuli in the blade to be visible even when sheathed. The main body of the handle and scabbard are hand-carved oak. All other detail is copper, brass and nickel silver. All cut and shaped from flat sheet with the detail being chiselled in by hand.